Welcome Plant Lovers!

Have you ever purchased a house plant only to have it look really bad within a few weeks?  The leaves are turning brown, leaves are falling off, plant looks droopy even though it is watered well, etc.

The Potted Plants is where you can find all kinds of practical and useful things about house plants, indoor plants, outdoor potted plants or container gardening.   This site is called The Potted Plants because I maintain all plants that are potted or in containers for my clients, indoor and outdoor.

Fiddle Leaf Ficus

Fiddle Leaf Ficus

My job is to care for and maintain any house plants in offices and homes.  The plants are in decorative containers like ceramic pots, decorative plastic pots, or baskets.   Once a week visits are usually all that is required for each plant to make sure all their needs are met.

Find tips on plant needs such as how much light plants need, watering, fertilizing, pests, and aesthetics.

elow are a few books to use as reference.  I love these books because they have great photos and examples of what can be created by anyone.


However, there is no substitute for practice and experience. 

Happy plantscaping!

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